Montreal Summer Cybersecurity Program

Photo Collage: Pictures of Students working together in the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation


SEC-345: Information Assurance: Global Cybersecurity (3 credits)

SEC-300: Special Topics in International Cybersecurity Technologies (3 special topics TBD, 1 credit each)

These courses can count for the Cybersecurity minor. Students can also combine one of the courses above with a COR course taught in the Summer Culture program, for a total of 6 credits.

COR-301/302 (3 credit courses)

COR-301/ART-330: Cultural Immersion through Canadian Music

COR-301/FLM-281: Canadian Culture through Film

COR-302/ART-380: Graffiti and Unsanctioned Art in Montreal

COR-302/WRT-236: Food Writing in Montreal

COR-201/202 (3 credit courses)

COR-201: Science Meaning Making in Montreal

COR-202: Interdisciplinary Perspectives: Creative Communities in Montreal

May 18 – June 17, 2023

As the vibrant cultural capital of Quebec, Montreal serves as the backdrop for this innovative and hands-on, 6-credit Ethical Hacking program. Students will engage in the entire process used by penetration testers, from foundational offensive security techniques to exploring the latest attack methods. Working with a wide range of live systems, there are numerous opportunities to develop and sharpen these in-demand skills. The program will delve into the information security flaws found in modern information systems and the tools and methods used to uncover those vulnerabilities. From there, students will further explore the techniques used to exploit those vulnerabilities for the purpose of increasing security awareness within organizations. Real-world scenarios will provide opportunities to practice these skills as well as discuss ethics, incident response, and risk management. Enhanced by Montreal's dynamic urban setting, the Ethical Hacking program aims to foster innovative and community-minded technologists who strive to improve the security of information systems. Stressing the importance of a proactive and professional environment, the program cohort will work closely with experienced instructors as well as guest speakers and penetration testing professionals. In addition, there will be numerous opportunities to embrace the study-abroad experience through activities that take advantage of Montreal's dynamic art scene, numerous festivals, and diverse cultural events.

Total Cost: $5,475.00 USD

Includes tuition, housing, activities fee, and health insurance. Students are expected to arrive on campus Thursday, May 18, 2023. 

Who should consider applying?

  • Current Champlain College Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics students who would like to enhance their programmatic experience.
  • Current Champlain College students in other programs who would like an integrated cybersecurity experience.
  • Students in relevant disciplines at other institutions of higher education who are interested in spending a summer in Montreal developing cybersecurity skills.


Champlain College students: Minimum of 20 college credits and SEC-110 or equivalent by the start of the Summer Program.

Students from other institutions: Minimum of 30 college credits and at least one year of technology courses by the start of the Summer Program. With your application, please submit a transcript from your home institution, as well as a short essay (250 words) describing your personal goals for engaging in the Montreal Summer Cybersecurity Program.

Payment Deadlines

  • Applications are due by March 1 
  • Deposit of $500 due by March 15 
  • First payment of $2,000 due by April 15 
  • Balance due by May 15

Equipment Information

  • Computing and lab equipment will be provided.


Contact professor Adam Goldstein at about the program. Contact the Champlain Abroad office at about the application process and the Montreal campus.