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Noah Goldblatt

Noah Goldblatt, Director, Study Abroad

  • Advising Students for Study Abroad

  • Visiting Montreal and Dublin

  • Visiting Study Abroad Sites

  • Freeman Foundation Grant

  • International Internships

  • Partnerships with Foreign Universities

Jessa Karki

Jessa Karki, Director, International Student Services

  • International Students (either F-1 degree-seeking or J-1 exchange) and International Student Services

  • F-1/J-1 U.S. Federal Immigration Regulations and Rules

  • International Faculty and Administrative Staff (J-1 Professors/Research Scholars, Short-Term Scholars, and Specialists categories only)

  • Traditional Undergraduate International Recruitment & Admissions

  • Non-Degree J-1 Exchange Admissions

  • Non-Degree J-1 Au Pair Program

  • SAP 150: Thrive As An International Student at Champlain College Course

Photo of Deborah Bloom

Deborah Bloom, Study Abroad Advisor

  • Advising Students for Study Abroad

Elin Melchior

Elin Melchior, Senior Administrative Coordinator

  • International Faculty-Led Trips

  • International Service Trips

  • ICC (International Community Club - the student club)

  • Scheduling a meeting with OIE


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