Champlain College International Photo Contest

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The 12th Annual Champlain College International Photo Contest showcased photographic talent from Champlain students, faculty, and staff who traveled far and wide to capture breathtaking moments. To see all photos from this and previous contests, check out the Champlain Abroad Flickr page

Winners are separated into six categories:

Daily Life


A rainy day in Dublin where the light shines off each drop

"A Day in Dublin" - Dublin, Ireland

by Steven Baumann

This was taken on a rainy day, just outside of one of Dublin's many barbershops.


A performer on stage in a chinese club/bar

"Rockstar" - Zhangjiajie, China

by Blaz Mihaljevic

Man playing in a restaurant.


A dog lazing about above the the city of Amalfi, Italy

"A Dog's Day in Paradise" - Amalfi Coast, Italy

by Samantha Baker

A stray dog sunbathing on a wall overlooking the Amalfi Coast.

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The Natural World


A large tree that's speculated to be over 100 years old

"Old Tree at Fort Bullen" - Fort Bullen, Barra, The Gambia

by Van Dora Williams

A very old tree near the historical site of Fort Bullen in The Gambia. It is estimated to be over 100 years old.


A row of flowers covers all the land that the eye can see, surrounded by a forest

"Violet Sea" - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

by Danielle Hazelton

A sea of violets surrounded by tulips in the Kukenhof Tulip Garden, the largest tulip garden in the world. 


The ocean landscape of a black sand beach

"Landscape" - South Coast, Iceland

by Bhim Luitel

Black Sand Beach

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A Basilica and it's entire reflection in rain puddles below it

"Mirrors of Florence" - Florence, Italy

by Ian Dupont

A shot of the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence reflected in puddles formed within centuries old flagstones.


Looking up a set of handmade stairs surrounded by orange walls

"Le Couloir Orange" - Roussillon, Provence, France

by Jared Knepper

I snapped this photo while wandering through a long series of winding lanes and charming passageways during a weekend outing from Paris to the south of France. Roussillon is known for its vibrant orange soil & landscapes, and the entirety of this enchanting provincial village was built to match this palette.


Looking up a river at a town in Scotland

"A Scene Set in Time" - Dean's Village, Edinburgh, Scotland

by Emma Santos

Dean's Village is a historic and well-traveled center point on the Water of Leith river in the city of Edinburgh. The village looks ageless, like it could be out of a movie from last year or a hundred years ago. The serenity of nature and water intwined with architecture is one of the most beautiful places in the middle of a city that I could imagine.

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Artistic Flare


A man killing a chicken according to his ritualistic practices. Black & white except for the chicken's blood

"In the Name of Allah" - Pemba, Zanzibar, Tanzania

by Amelia Payne

In many places the lines between sacred and secular blur. Zanzibar is one such place. In the US, thousands of chickens are killed every day, but in Zanzibar each death is sanctified by the ritualistic halal butchering practices. Before the chicken can be prepared for lunch the slaughterer must face mecca and utter the blessing "In the name of Allah, Allah is great". Here, the simple slaughter of an animal is given more meaning.


A very symmetric photo looking out a window with many paintings within

"April 19" - Pink Mamma, Paris, France

by Jared Knepper

This collection of curiosities in a sunlit Parisian stairwell was a favorite hidden treasure from a series of adventures had on the most delightfully sun-soaked day of my spring in Paris.


A very blurred image across a metro station with a focus on another student

"Just a Stop Away" - Montreal, QC, Canada

by Liana Sterling

Billy Wilms (FILM '20) between the metro.

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People's Choice

A bunch of different colored umbrellas hang over a street

"Rainy Days" - Paris, France

by Katherine Beauregard

An art piece consisting of umbrellas covering a small shopping street in Paris.

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President's Choice

Erin Warner laughing on the Causeway Ooast

"The Causeway Coast" - Ireland

by Erin Warner

The Giant's Causeway of Ireland isn't just known for its geometric rocks on the coast, it's beautiful hillsides along the coast. Here is a hiking view in the daily life of a Champlain Student abroad in Ireland.

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