2020 International Photo Contest Entry Form

The 13th Annual International Photo Contest is now OPEN for submissions.

Click here to view the entry form.

The contest closes at 11:59 PM on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.


  • You MUST use your champlain.edu email to enter the contest
  • Due to limited space, only the first 100 photos will be entered. So, if you submit two photos we might only enter your first photo.
  • A digital copy of ALL submitted photos are kept by OIE to possibly use in the future and are added to OIE's Flickr page.
  • No selfies will be accepted.
  • You must have consent from all identifiable people in all photos. 
  • All photos will be cropped to be 8" x 10" (or 10" x 8"). 
  • You may submit up to TWO photos but only ONE per category. 
  • Photo(s) must be all your own work.
  • Champlain may use these photos for promotional and other purposes in the future.
  • No photos of the US will be accepted unless submitted by an International Student to the [I] category.

When submitting your photo PLEASE name it Category.Title.LastName.FirstName where the Category is 

  • [A] Architecture
  • [D] Daily Life
  • [F] Artistic Flare
  • [N] The Natural World
  • [I] International Student Experience in the US (International Students only!)


  • A.TheBatCave.Wayne.Bruce
  • D.AdventuresOfSuperboy.Kent.Clark
  • F.Black&White.Star.Patrick
  • N.DeepSeaPineapple.SquarePants.SpongeBob
  • I.VermontView.Karki.Jessa

For more information, please contact oie@champlain.edu with the subject line "Photo Contest".