International Students

International Students Posing Together

Champlain College welcomes 39 international students from 23 countries to our campus in Burlington, Vermont. Burlington is one of the nation's most appealing and livable cities, and Vermont is one of the nation's safest states. Whether you expect to stay in the U.S. or return home after earning your degree, Champlain College offers you a career-oriented curriculum, a warm and welcoming college community and a beautiful place to live.

Students from around the world make Champlain College their home away from home. Read our international student blogger as he chronicles day-to-day experiences and challenges of living in the U.S.

The Student Experience

International Students Speak About Champlain College

Hong Kong

I came to Burlington mainly because the culture here is totally different from what I am used to in Hong Kong. It's a quieter city, but at the same time has a vibrant energy that makes it a very nice and beautiful place to study. The variety of people and events here make Burlington a very attractive city. It is the mixture of beautiful landscape, wonderful skiing and excellent people that made my stay in the United States an enjoyable experience. You will never fail to find something that peaks your interest, whether you are interested in art, music or just to purely socialize with people coming from different backgrounds. Having stayed in an environment with such variation allows me to learn to adapt and blend into different cultures easily. As I see it, the ability to understand other cultures and customs is an important skill that has become necessary, especially in a world where you are bound to encounter experiences that one is unaccustomed to and Burlington is the perfect place to start.
~ Andrew Chung, Communications '12


I owe Champlain College a life-long debt of gratitude for giving me the opportunity to be one of its students, where I am enjoying an ideal and rich academic life. I grew up in the city of Hebron in Palestine where I finished my high school education. I spent three years as youth reporter and photojournalist in Hebron before starting my academic life at Champlain College. Champlain College has given me the opportunity to take the first step in a life-long dream, which is to study journalism and communication at an excellent academic institution.
~ Mahmoud Jabari, Communications '15