Virtual International Student Orientation

Virtual International Student Orientation

Welcome to the Office of International Student Services (OISS) Virtual International Student Orientation!

The Office of International Student Services (OISS)  welcomes you to Champlain College! We are excited to have you and your family join our vibrant, innovative, and globally-engaged community!

You are joining a passionate, dedicated, and entrepreneurial group of students, faculty, and staff. OISS hopes that you enjoy this Virtual International Student Orientation, which we have prepared especially for you!

We wish you the best as you begin your studies at Champlain and are here for you and your family should you require our assistance.

Office of International Student Services (OISS)

Jessa Karki, Director
Skiff Hall, Rooms 204, 205, 205B

Important Campus Contacts

In case of emergency, please contact one of our on-campus student service centers: 

Important Travel Information

Please read below for COVID-19 Travel Resources and Proper Entry Requirements!

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Please enter the U.S. only on your current and valid U.S. passport.

Link to this FAQ

Please review these important guidelines:

  • IMPORTANT! DO NOT come earlier than 30 days before your program start date indicated on your Form I-20. You risk being denied entry or being admitted as another visa category (i.e. Visitor instead of a Student).
  • DO NOT come later than the program start date without our permission.
  • DO NOT pack your immigration documents in your suitcase.
  • Take our phone number in case of emergency: +1-802-318-0365.
  • All international students entering the U.S. by air or sea will receive a stamp in their passport - this stamp will show the date of admission, class of admission (F-1), and date that the student is admitted to ("D/S").  International students entering the U.S. by land borders (Canada and Mexico) will be issued a paper copy I-94A with a stamp showing date of admission, class of admission (F-1), and date that the student is admitted to ("D/S").
  • Have your documents ready to show a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer. You will be asked to show your passport, F-1 student visa, Form I-20, Form I-94, and financial documents when you are going through  U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Inspection.
  • Be prepared to explain why you are coming to the U.S. The CBP officer will ask a few questions about your purpose for coming to the U.S. Please be prepared to tell him or her why you are coming to study at Champlain College.
  • Check that the CBP officer properly stamped your documents before you leave the inspection area. Before you leave the inspection site when you enter the United States, please make sure that the stamp in your passport (F students arriving by air or sea) or I-94A (for F students arriving by Canada or Mexico) clearly reads: "F-1 D/S". If your stamp or I-94A is missing any piece of this important handwritten notation, please walk back to the inspector at the port of entry and have them fix it immediately.
  •  If you do not have your I-20 and you are issued an I-515A, please e-mail Jessa Karki,, as soon as possible so that she can work to fix your status. An I-515A only allows you to stay in the U.S. for 30 days.
  • You may be asked to go to secondary inspections. This is normal - do not worry.
Link to this FAQ

OISS will provide you complimentary pick up service from the Burlington International Airport, Amtrak train station in Essex, or Downtown Bus Transit Station in Burlington when you arrive. Please complete your OISS Arrival Form


  1. GMT Bus (FREE to Champlain College students with ID Card)
  2. Greyhound Bus
  3. Megabus


  1. Green Cab VT: +1.802.864-2424.

Amtrak Train Station:
29 Railroad Avenue, Essex Junction, VT 05452

Burlington International Airport (airport abbreviation is: BTV):
1200 Airport Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403

Link to this FAQ

Virtual Campus Tour

Want a sneak peak inside the Library (or, as we call it, the Miller Information Commons)? How about our classrooms, Centers of Experience, labs, and study spaces? Maybe you want to explore our residence halls. You can do it all-plus see highlights of Burlington, Vermont-in our amazing virtual tour.


Virtual International Student Handbook!

TO BE RELEASED IN JULY: Designed by Ruhika Roy ('21, Criminal Justice, Canada/India/USA), use this resource to answer your most-pressing questions about Vermont, Champlain, and your life as a student.


COMING SOON! Designed by Olga Kachura ('21, Game Art, Russia) and Adel Talhouk ('22, Game Programming, Lebanon), play to help Chauncey T. Beaver complete tasks and navigate campus while avoiding the dreaded homework avalanche! Each task completed successfully reveals a piece of a special puzzle which lies within the game.


Champlain College: #YouAreWelcomeHere

Buckle Up for International Student Orientation!

Welcome from Angela Batista, Vice President of Student Affairs and Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

Meet Champlain’s Counseling Team!

Remarks by Susan Waryck, Dean of Students

Welcome to the Office of International Student Services - your home base at Champlain!

Visit with the Student Health Center!

Is it Safe? Campus Public Safety Briefing for International Students and Families