Ian Oliver
Affiliated with Dublin Faculty
Faculty Bio

Ian's imperative is to work with individuals, teams and organizations to enable them to elevate their thinking and strategy and to engage with them to look at the economic and social impact of Arts and Culture on Society.

Ian is Co-founder & Head of the Artistic Entrepreneurship Programme in the Centre for Creative Practices. His specific focus is on Artistic & Creative Entrepreneurship, Commercial Strategy and development of the organization; leading, developing and overseeing Strategy; Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy, Product Development and Customer Service, Enrolment and Payment Plans, Liaising with the stakeholders from the sector (Artists, Arts Organizations and Arts Professionals).

Ian has over 15 years' management and entrepreneurial experience in the Arts Sector, His experience includes teaching, mentoring, developing strategies and implementation, programming and experiences for audiences as well as artistic and corporate clients. He teaches and lectures on a number of the entrepreneurship courses under CFCP Artistic & Creative Entrepreneurship program.