Passport Program

The Champlain Passport Program (CPP) is Champlain's way of congratulating all rising sophomores who complete their first year at Champlain with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Champlain College encourages our students to step outside of their cultural comfort zone and discover first-hand the phenomenon of "other-ness". It is Champlain's hope that every Champlain College student be exposed to another culture and its people before she or he graduates. If Champlain graduates are to become leaders in their professions, personal experience with foreign cultures and customs is almost mandatory given the multinational flavor that characterizes virtually all business and professional enterprises.

Champlain believes that the unique experience of a semester abroad is a significant piece of a well-rounded educational experience that will prepare you for professional career. The Champlain Passport Program is one way for us to demonstrate our commitment to those beliefs and support our students in making a semester abroad a reality.


As a member of the Champlain Passport Program you qualify to receive reimbursement* for your first adult United States Passport as well as participate in a variety of Study Abroad events sponsored by the Office of International Education over the course of the year. We encourage you to take the steps below prior to the Fall semester of your sophomore year:

  • Apply for your passport at any U.S. Post Office, Town Clerk or Superior Court
  • Bring your passport and post office receipt* to the Office of International Education (Skiff Hall 200) no later than October 15.

Passport applications and information can be found here.

For further information on CPP, please feel free to email, The Office of International Education or call 802.865.6464.

*The cost of the passport photos is not included.