Buenos Aires, Argentina

Have you considered traveling south to Argentina? With Champlain's partner program at CEA Global Education, you can spend a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Why Buenos Aires, Argentina?

Often referred to as "The Paris of South America," Buenos Aires is ranked as the top tourist city in Central and South America by Condé Nast Traveler and "the city with the best urban life and architecture" by America Economia. It is also one of twelve UNESCO-designated Cities of Design in the world, attracting creative students, scholars and professionals year-round. Known for its rich European heritage and Latin American influences, students can explore the cobblestone streets of Buenos Aires; immerse themselves in tango, soccer and food; engage with the locals and learn about the city's history from the many free amusements and museums.

Why Buenos Aires with Champlain College?

Like the Champlain Abroad signature programs in Dublin and Montreal, students are able to take advantage of service learning and volunteer immersion opportunities throughout their time abroad. CEA Global Education also offers guided excursions for all semester, academic year and summer programs.

  • Iguazú Falls: Explore one of the new Seven Wonders of the Natural World, the Iguazú Falls, which spans three countries. Students will also visit a traditional ranch and the aboriginal Indian reserve M'Borore.
  • Tigre: Just outside of Buenos Aires is the Tigre, one of the largest deltas in the world. Students will relax on a ferry tour of the river delta, explore an open-air market, and indulge in a traditional lunch.
  • Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay: Students can explore this World Heritage Site that dates back to the colonial era of Latin America. Students travel to the site by ferry and then can walk the cobbled streets, lighthouses, pubs and the original bullfighting ring.

Who Can Enroll?

The Champlain Abroad Global Partner Program at the CEA Global Education campus in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a study-abroad program open to Champlain College students.

What Can I Study:

CEA Global Education's diverse course offerings fit a broad range of majors. Students can choose from a variety of professional, liberal arts and interdisciplinary options that provide an understanding of culture and global perspective.

Areas of Study Include:

  • Art
  • Communication
  • History
  • International Business
  • Language
  • Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
  • Literature
  • Professional Writing

Where is the Program Located?

The CEA Global Education Program is located at Suipacha 1333 Floor 2, 1011 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When Can I Go?

The CEA Global Education Program operates on a semester schedule. The fall semester begins in August and runs through December and the spring semester begins in February and ends in June. Students also have the option to study abroad for the full academic year.

Interested in applying?

Check out the application deadlines:

Deadlines for Applications

  • Fall Semester or Academic Year Abroad: March 15th
  • Spring Semester Abroad: October 15th
  • Summer Semester Abroad: April 1st

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