Florence, Italy

Do you want to study abroad and completely immerse yourself in a foreign country? Through Champlain’s partner program with API at Lorenzo de Medici—the Italian International Institute (LdM), you can spend a semester abroad in Florence, Italy.


Why Florence, Italy?

Florence is located in the renowned region of Tuscany, surrounded by the rolling hills of the Italian countryside. The campus is primarily located in a 13th century AD convent in the heart of Florence. The modernized facilities and the city surroundings set the stage for a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the adventure and excitement of living in a new culture. The educational opportunities at LdM are deeply rooted in their surrounding environments, allowing students to experience the inspiring culture of historical and contemporary Italy firsthand.

Why Florence with Champlain College?

Like Champlain Abroad’s signature programs in Dublin and Montreal, students studying abroad through the Florence program are able to take advantage of service learning and volunteer immersion opportunities throughout their time abroad. API through Lorenzo de Medici (LdM) offers guided excursions for all semester programs to exciting places such as: Cinque Terre, Rome, Venice and Tuscany.

Champlain students also have the opportunity to pursue international internships in Florence with LdM for course credit. Italy is known for its artisan and small business structure that offers amazing opportunities for direct experience and interaction with local business owners to learn about the strengths and structure of the Italian workplace.

Who Can Enroll?

The Champlain Abroad Global Partner Program through API at Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy, is a study-abroad program open to Champlain College students.

What Can I Study?

Lorenzo de Medici’s diverse course offerings fit a broad range of majors. At LdM, students can choose from a variety of classes in studio arts, design, liberal arts and humanities, and international business, among other disciplines.

Areas of Study Include:

  • Art
  • Art History
  • Communication
  • Film
  • Graphic Design
  • International Business
  • Italian Language
  • Psychology
  • Writing

Where is the Program Located?

Lorenzo de Medici is located at Via Faenza 43, 50123, Florence, Italy.

When Can I Go?

Lorenzo de Medici operates on a semester schedule. The fall semester begins in August and runs through December. The spring semester begins in February and ends in June. Students also have the option to study abroad for the full academic year.

Interested in applying?

Check out the application deadlines:
Deadlines for Applications

  • Fall Semester or Academic Year Abroad: March 15th
  • Spring Semester Abroad: October 15th

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