Awards & Presentations

Information Literacy Awards

  • Carroll Preston Baber Research Grant (2018). Presented to Emily Crist, Sean Leahy, and Alan Carbery by the American Library Association. This study involves the repeated collection of real-time data on student behaviors over the course of a project in order to uncover a more realistic assessment of student thoughts, actions, and behaviors as they conduct research.

  • Academic Library Impact Research Grant (2018). Presented to Nick Faulk and Emily Crist by the Value of Academic Libraries Committee, Association of College and Research Libraries. This project seeks to identify online student and faculty preferences for and barriers to communication with the library.

  • AGLS 2010 Exemplary Program Award. Presented to Champlain College on October 8, 2010 by the Association for General and Liberal Studies in recognition of our curriculum-embedded information literacy assessment program.

  • Librarian's Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC), University of Cardiff, Wales, March 29-April 1, 2009. Winner of the Centre for Inquiry-based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences award for an outstanding contribution to the Inquiry-based Learning and Information Literacy strand at LILAC 2009.

Information Literacy Presentations

  • Betsy Beaulieu (Core Division), Janet Cottrell (Library), and Michelle Miller (Academic Affairs), co-presenters.  "We're teaching but are they learning?  Framing a campus conversation."  Association for General and Liberal Studies National Conference, Austin, TX, Oct. 6-9, 2010.

  • Janet Cottrell, Michelle Miller, Craig Pepin, and Ellen Zeman, co-presenters, "ePortation: Moving minds, data, and institutions." Chalk & Wire annual conference, "Taking your assessment beyond the portfolio." Durham, NC, June 23-25, 2010.

  • Sarah Faye Cohen, Janet R. Cottrell, and Michelle G. Miller, Co-presenters. "Building brick by brick: A pragmatic approach to measuring impact."  Librarians' Information Literacy Annual Conference, LILAC 2010.  Limerick, Ireland, March 29-31, 2010.

  • Jennifer Vincent and Sarah Faye Cohen, co-presenters. "ePortfolios: Good for the student, good for the Institution." Pre-Meeting Symposium, "The Search for VALUE: Innovation, Economic Uncertainty, and E-Portfolio Assessment." American Association of Colleges & Universities, Washington D.C., January 2010.

  • Michele Melia and Paula Olsen, Presenters:  "New Tricks (old dog?):  The Information Literacy Program @ Champlain College," NELIG, Portland, ME, June 2009.

  • Sarah Cohen, Janet Cottrell, and Cinse Bonino, Co-Presenters. "Embedding Information Literacy: An Exercise in Inquiry." Librarian's Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC), University of Cardiff, Wales, March 29-April 1, 2009.

  • Sarah Cohen, Timothy Miner, and Lauren Nishikawa, Contributed Paper, "Percolating the Power of Play: Information Literacy and Gaming Level Up." ACRL National Conference, Seattle, WA, March 2009.

  • Sarah Cohen, Presenter, "Information Overload: Helping Students Effectively Deal with Information Overload." Association of General and Liberal Studies Annual Conference, September 2008.

  • Janet Cottrell, Co-presenter with Associate Provost Michelle Miller, "Using e-Portfolios to Support Embedded Assessment of Information Literacy." Making Connections: ePortfolios, Integrative Learning, and Assessment. LaGuardia Community College/CUNY, April 10-12, 2008.