Mission & Vision


Champlain College Library endeavors to be a recognized leader in helping students become skilled, effective, responsible, life-long information users. We are agile, navigating quickly and effectively in the fast-changing environment of our profession, our College, and our higher education arena. We are entrepreneurial, securing and deploying exemplary resources and services in innovative ways. We are thoughtful in our application of new technologies, selecting and implementing the best available tools to support students and faculty in their information needs. We capitalize on the innovative design and purpose of Miller Information Commons. We maintain and promote it as an intellectual center on campus and a welcoming and supportive environment. We are knowledgeable and approachable, and are active in our profession locally, nationally, and internationally. This approach is the signature of both the physical and virtual Library, its resources, staff, and services, as we provide relevant, patron-centered support to students, faculty, and staff.  


By 2020, Champlain College Library will be widely recognized as -- and will be -- one of the most innovative, effective, and supportive libraries in higher education.

Strategic Plan

Download the 2010-2020 strategic plan for the Champlain College Library