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Previous Suggestions

Suggestion: Can the library add video games for lending?

Answer: We hear requests to have the library lend video games occasionally. Unfortunately, we are currently not in a position to build a collection of video games in the library. The unique design of the Miller Information Commons building, especially its limited space for physical items, means that our focus when adding collections must remain broad and relevant to many. Our scope for online resources is more flexible, and the library was excited to add GDC Gamevault to our online collections in the past few years. We continually monitor the feasibility of adding items to our collections.


Suggestion: Can the library have a quiet floor?

Answer:  We understand the importance of a quiet space while you're working which is why we have study rooms. We have individual study rooms on the lower level of the library and recommend these when you're looking for a quiet place to focus. These quiet rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. We also have team study rooms, for 3 or more people, on the second and third floors. You can book a team study room here.


Suggestion: Can I suggest a new book?

Answer: Yes, we want to hear your suggestions for our collection. We consider many factors when deciding which items to add, and we can't add every item to our collection, but please let us know which items you'd like to see.