History & Current Affairs

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Historical database with full-text scholarly articles focusing on the arts, humanities, social sciences, & sciences. Great place to get started!

Opposing Viewpoints

Current events database from multiple perspectives. Pro/con viewpoint essays, topic overviews, images, podcasts, and video.

searchAcademic OneFile
Scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database covering social sciences, physical sciences, arts, literature, and other subjects. Includes full-text of New York Times back to 1995.

searchAcademic Search Complete (EBSCO)
Full-text scholarly articles across a wide variety of disciplines. Also includes reports and conference proceedings. Includes resources from as far back as 1865.

searchAmerican National Biography
Full-text biographies of more than 18,000 Americans. Each article traces a person's life chronologically, with the emphasis on the key achievements and the essential details of private life. Contains cross-references where applicable to other persons profiled in the database.

searchFacts on File
Current events and historical news database, divided into Current Issues, History, Science & Mathematics, and Films on Demand. Browse or search historical reporting on a single issue, or read current news features.

searchHumanities International Complete (EBSCO)
Full-text reference sources on the humanities, the understanding and expression of the human experience. Includes reference sources on art, poetry, music, philosophy, literature, religion, and other humanities topics.

searchIssues and Controversies (Facts on File)
Analyzes and explains hundreds of controversial topics, in understandable language and format, with balance, accuracy, and regular updating. Also includes "By the Numbers" statistical overviews of major issues, selected newspaper editorials, editorial cartoons, primary documents, etc.

searchIssues and Controversies in American History (Facts on File)
Clear, concise, and balanced explanations of the most contentious issues in American history, including Civil Rights and Liberties, Constitutional Issues and Court Cases, Slavery and Race Issues, and others. Includes primary documents, biographies, timelines, background articles, photographs, and maps.

Focuses on the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Includes full-text scholarly articles starting around 1900 and ending two to five years before present.

searchMiddle Eastern and Central Asian Studies (EBSCO)
Scholarly full-text articles covering topics in the Middle East and Central Asia. Topics include recent history (1900 - present), significant religious events and movements, cultural heritage, business and industry, political affairs, law, society, social welfare, and others.

searchMilitary and Intelligence Database (InfoTrac)
Covers all aspects of the past and current state of military affairs. Key subjects include socioeconomic effects of war, governmental policies, the structure of armed forces, and many more.

searchThe Political Risk Yearbook
Country reports on over 100 countries with political and economic risk analysis for finding developing markets, determining currency movements, preparing for capital investments, or making judgments about corporate security.

searchPop Culture Collection (InfoTrac)
Full-text periodicals on pop culture topics. Includes titles like Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated, Men's Health, Vogue, and others.

searchProject MUSE
Full-text scholarly journal articles with a strong focus on the humanities, digital humanities, and social sciences. Includes art, creative writing, literature & linguistics, philosophy, social sciences, and other topics.

searchMilitary Collection (ProQuest)
Scholarly and popular publications covering military subjects such as defense, international relations, aeronautics and space flight, political science, and more.

searchSlavery in America and the World: History Culture and Law

This HeinOnline collection brings together a multitude of essential legal materials on slavery in the United States and the English-speaking world. It includes every statute passed by every colony and state on slavery, every federal statute dealing with slavery, and all reported state and federal cases on slavery.

searchWar & Terrorism Collection (InfoTrac)
Useful for understanding conflicts and their cause as well as their impact and how they are perceived on a global scale. Scholarly and popular sources focus on history, social science, and current events related to war and terrorism.