Place Items on Reserve

Faculty members may leave materials on reserve status in the Library for student use. These materials will be for in-house use only and will not circulate.

Faculty members who wish to place materials on reserve status must bring the materials to Susan Adkins, Visiting Access Services Librarian, at the Miller Information Commons building.

Faculty may place their personal copies of books, audiotapes, CDs and videotapes on reserve. Materials from the Library collection may also be put on reserve.

Un-bound materials, such as photocopies, reports, and sample tests, may be placed on reserve in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. The faculty member should provide copies of the items to be placed on reserve. The number of items depends on the size of the class. For example, you may have as few as one or as many as four. This would be three for student use, and one to keep as a replacement copy.
  2. All pages of all copies should have a minimum 1" clear left margin to allow for binding. If an article has less than a 1" margin, students may be tempted to remove the article to photocopy. This could lead to loss or stolen pages.
  3. Each set of copies may be kept in a temporary binder or stapled to a folder. Additional items may be added to the binders at any time during the semester. Make sure to send as many copies as you have binders or folders; this will ensure that there are identical sets of all items available. When new items are added, they will be placed in the front of the binder.
  4. Since binding and stapling will require putting holes in the items submitted, it is recommended that you NOT submit your original copy unless holes will not be objectionable when the materials are returned.
  5. We have had problems with reserve items being removed from the library. We will place a security code and pocket on all items. Please let the Manager of Circulation Services know if you do not want your materials altered.   The course material will be placed on reserve status for one semester. At the end of each semester, all items will be taken off reserve status. All non-library materials will be returned to the appropriate instructors through campus mail.

Reserve Materials Form

Copies of the Reserve Materials Form are available at the Circulation Desk. You may also print a copy of the form, fill it out, and bring it to the library with your materials.   For more information, contact Susan Adkins, Access Services Librarian, at 802-865-6489 or