Scott Baker
Scott Baker
Affiliated with Business Administration, International Business

Scott H. Baker is currently Dean of the Robert P. Stiller School of Business (SSB) at Champlain College, and considers his role as one of empowering students and the full-time and part-time faculty and staff to identify and align their individual and collective passions and strengths with individual and organizational goals. In his capacity as Dean, Baker also supports the David Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry (CCAI), from which he holds an Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner Certification, and as well as Champlain's Build Your Own Business (BYOBiz®) student-centered entrepreneurship program.  

Baker holds the rank of Professor of International Business, and has developed and taught a variety of courses including some in Champlain's innovative Integrated Business Experience sequence, International Relations, and the International Business Capstone in which students conduct "live-client" value-add research for organizations. He also draws energy from supporting faculty-led initiatives on continually innovating curricular and co-curricular programs and initiatives. Baker helped design and co-manages the prestigious Freeman Foundation Asia Internship grant program for the SSB, which to date has sent over 130 students to China for summer internships and cultural immersion.  

Baker holds an Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Vermont, an M.Sc. in International Affairs from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a bachelor's degree in International Relations from Carleton College. He also has completed several graduate courses in, and obtained a certificate of practice for, conflict mediation. 

Baker joined Champlain in 2005. Prior to his career in higher education, he worked in the financial sector managing corporate retirement plans for Goodyear, Pacific Bell, and Delta Airlines and taught at a college-preparatory school. He has lived abroad and studied international business and political economy in China, Mexico, Nigeria and several European nations, and is always excited to travel to new places and experience new cultures. 

He has published several articles and presented on the role of business in socio-economic development and conflict transformation, as well as global internships, and he has co-authored a book comparing political development and democratization practices between large regional organizations. He has served as an analyst for Freedom House assessing and advising policy on political development and human rights issues. His current research interests relate to higher education leadership, student success and well-being, curricular innovation and utilizing strengths-based frameworks for stakeholders in these areas of interest. Baker serves as advisory member of several boards including the Centre for Human Rights and Development in Nigeria (CEHRD), the Cooperrider Centre for Appreciative Inquiry, and the Sarah Ramsey Strong Foundation.   

Baker lives in South Burlington, Vermont, with his wife, Becca, and their three children. He and his family are close-knit and avid outdoor enthusiasts. When not at work, he may be found taking advantage of Vermont's geographical beauty on a paddleboard, jogging path, mountain bike trail or a ski slope searching for the perfect fall line and fresh tracks.

Things You'd Never Guess About Scott Baker!
  • has lived in six countries
  • loves paddle boarding, running, mountain biking and skiing
  • has turned into a beer snob after living in Vermont
  • climbed a volcano in Indonesia at night to see the sunrise from the summit
  • is a direct descendant of Alexander Hamilton
  • almost had to be evacuated from China during an intense political situation with Taiwan
  • managed retirement plans for Goodyear and Delta Airlines
  • helped clean up an oil spill in the Nigerian Delta

"I am very proud to work at an institution that truly empowers and transforms students' lives. Every day, I get to work with inspiring faculty and staff who are dedicated to educating and empowering our students. We are in the business of changing students' lives, something we take very seriously, and I see the results every year, from first-year students' passions being discovered and pursued by fourth-year students producing value-added work for organizations and receiving in-field job offers before they graduate. Our graduates are not only prepared to lead successful careers, but they are also prepared to be actively engaged, global citizens."