Thomas Barlow
Thomas Barlow
Affiliated with Visual Communication Design

Tom Barlow completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with Honors, from Winchester School of Art & Design, England, and post-graduate studies at Cyprus College of Art. Later, he completed Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degrees. Interest in the interaction and dynamism of teaching in general led him to the MA in Teaching, and creative engagement in developing effective teaching strategies as well as exploring and expressing more of the design and arts field is his main focus. "Teaching is like a gift to myself" he states, "As a wise man once said: 'The teacher always learns more than the student.' And I love increasing the knowledge horizon, and imparting that, as best I can, in useful and inspirational ways."

He brings with him a wide range of art and design experience, ranging from computer graphics for print and web to fine art painting and sculpture. He's worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, printmaker, stage set artist, and fine woodwork designer, among others. (He claims to have even worked on a banana plantation.) He has exhibited as an artist in Scotland, England, Cyprus, and the USA.

During and since these times he traveled East, West, North, and South in the US, until finally settling in Vermont, a landscape that is a little reminiscent of Scotland, where he grew up... "but with less rain!"

More recently, outside of teaching, he has continued working freelance in graphic design and illustration, further developing his own graphic design repertoire, focusing on combining state-of-the-art computer graphics with traditional art techniques.

Tom began teaching graphic design at the college level in January 2004, developing interesting and varied courses for the students to explore the wide range of the discipline, gain the technical skills they need, and refining their design sensibilities. His intended goal is to continuously make the learning process efficient, enjoyable, and progressive