Coberlin Brownell
Coberlin Brownell
Affiliated with Graphic Design & Digital Media

Coberlin Brownell is currently working at Champlain College as an Assistant Professor for the Communications and Creative Media department teaching in the Graphic Design Program.  Classes include 3D Objects and Spaces, Web Design, Graphic Print Production, Form in Motion, Senior Portfolio and Senior Capstone.  Current Education Chair for AIGA Vermont as well as faculty coordinator for the Champlain College Student AIGA group.  Also he is the Program Director for the Governor's Institutes of Vermont Information Technology strand which works with Vermont high school kids exploring Game Design, Web Design, and Programming/Coding.

Recently completed the Master of Fine Arts Program in Emergent Media at Champlain College.  Thesis work explored preserving history in a digital age using technologies like augmented reality. In his professional life, "Coby" worked for Jager Di Paola Kemp, a graphic design firm, now called Solidarity of Unbridled Labour, that specializes in Brand Development and Strategy, with offices in Burlington, New York, and Portland, Oregon. In his thirteen years with JDK, Coby has designed for clients including Burton, Nike, Merrell, Timex, New Era, and XBOX 360, and has been a technical training consultant and digital asset analyst.

Coby studied painting and sculpture at the University of Vermont and is still very active in the local art scene, working out of his Williston studio in a blend of traditional and digital media. He has shown work at many local galleries, and has assisted in curating many shows for the Exquisite Corpse including "Painting Faces on War" which showcased art from the Lost Boys of Sudan, and "Art Helps", which benefitted survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

A strong believer in community outreach, Coby worked with Mobius and Burlington City Arts on creating a Mentor Art Group, which connects JDK employees and Champlain College students with local middle school children. Other interests include Chinese History, Toy Design, Sailing, Astronomy, Japanese Animation, Snowboarding, Video Games, Kickball, Frisbee Golf, Digital Illustration, and Photography.