Tiffany Andersen
Affiliated with Champlain College Online

I have spent 17+ years in the field of education, from high school, private tutoring, corporate training, and the last 8 years as a senior administrator at a private non-profit college of design. In that time, I've worked to help organizations and groups understand strategies to continue growth and expansion. I have extensive leadership experience in relationship and team building; hiring professional, sales and technical staff; strategic planning; change management, systems, and policy; implementing budget performance and accountability systems; and creating effective professional development programs.

As far as official credentials, I hold Master's degree in Higher Education, Leadership and Administration, and a B.A. in English Literature. Outside of education, I am trained in the ancient and contemporary studies of consciousness transformation and energy healing for individuals and systems, hold a Master certification in Healing the Light Body, and am a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher. I am also a candidate for a Master's in Licensed Professional Counseling. I will be graduating in 2015.

On a more personal level, I grew up in Essex, VT and moved to Boston in 1987. I've travelled quite a bit, and plan more; my favorite color is lime green or deep purple depending on the day; I love to be active: yoga, swimming, playing inside and outdoors too. I have no pets, two stepchildren 21 and 18, two surrogate grandchildren, 3 and 1 year, and TONS of plants!

I live in Plymouth, MA with my husband. I have a private healing and executive coaching practice that I run out of our home. I specialize in helping people, individually and in teams, to move the things that are stopping them out of their way. I teach between five and eleven yoga classes a week and as well as teach literature and writing online for Champlain College University.


"It is my job to do my best to adhere to professional guidelines while being sensitive to the individual person's needs, values and cultural backgrounds; to take any and all intelligences and talents of my students into account and work with them on their continued development; and to be a supportive coach in order to bring each person to their own personal level of excellence."