Nicole Bocra
Affiliated with Champlain College Online, Online Accounting Programs, Online Computer Forensics Programs

Nicole Bocra is a registered private investigator in Virginia, and a licensed private detective in New Jersey and Maryland.  Ms. Bocra has more than 15 years' experience as an accountant and securities investigator.  Prior to establishing her own private investigative firm, Infinity Investigative Solutions in 2005, Ms. Bocra was an in-house investigator at a law firm and lead investigator with NASD.  Ms Bocra develops complex cases, provides expert investigative services and conducts in-depth due diligence using the latest in technology, financial expertise and investigative experience to ensure the most thorough inquiries. 

In addition to being an Adjunct Professor at Champlain College, Ms. Bocra is a Virginia certified trainer.  She has taught numerous sessions on investigations and intelligence gathering by teaching current research techniques and procedures along with the scope and capabilities of online systems and search tools to both the public and private sector. Ms Bocra's combination of experience has developed a refined perspective into corporate, individual, and financial investigations, and the associated processes. 

Ms. Bocra is a founding member of Investigative and Security Professionals for Legislative Action (ISPLA) and Virginia Professional Investigators (VPI) where she serves as an advocate for the investigative profession and takes a proactive approach to Critical Legislative and Regulatory Issues that face the investigative and security industry.  She is involved in many National investigative organizations including ACFE, Intellnet, NALI, and Infragard.