Don Haggerty
Donald Haggerty
Affiliated with Business Administration, Champlain College Online, Online Master of Business Administration

"While there is universal agreement about a manager's need to learn from experience and to balance multiple perspectives, most MBA programs still fail to address the issue by not making it a central part of both the content and the process," Haggerty says.

"We took the time to make integration and reflection a requirement in every course, recognizing the value in using the workplace as a context for learning and as a means for helping managers think expansively."

Dr. Haggerty has 30 years' experience in public and higher education and 30 years' business experience in management, financial modeling, marketing and business development. He has been a partner/owner in the design, financing, launch and operation of several successful small businesses; has served as a consultant in transformational marketing implementation, organizational development and change management; and is co-author of "Leading My Department," a book on management development.

Haggerty was co-creator and co-director of Champlain's first graduate program (Managing Innovation and Information Technology).