Michael Hemond
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Michael Hemond (he/him/his) is a Criminal Investigator for the Office of the Vermont Attorney General specializing in fraud and residential abuse investigations among other types of crimes. Prior to this, he invested 20 years as a full-time police officer in Burlington VT, a small city with a daytime population of about 50,000 people before retiring. In that time, he served in many roles ranging from Uniform Services to Crime Scene Investigations to Detective in addition to assignments with the United States Marshals Service as part of a fugitive apprehension team. Michael has been a part of investigations of all types including burglaries, assaults, shootings, and homicides. He has been trained in latent fingerprint examination, crime scene, and traffic crash reconstruction among other tasks. Michael also trained new police officers as they entered the field and additionally served as a School Resource Officer where he worked as a teacher, mentor, and informal counselor in addition to his role as a law enforcement officer.

Michael began his career as a Correctional Officer and later moved into law enforcement when the career opportunity was presented. Michael was a member of the International Association for Property and Evidence and is a member of the International Association for Identification, the National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists, and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association. Michael has completed additional courses of study at the Henry Lee Institute at the University of New Haven as well as the Institute for Police Technology and Management at the University of North Florida, among others.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and completed his Master's Degree with Champlain College, doing so having full-time as well as part-time employment while furthering his education and balancing the family pressures that come with it. He has also completed a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management at Champlain, which provides additional background to the experience he has gained in mediation and negotiation throughout his career.

Michael has worked with Champlain College since 2006 as an Adjunct Professor, bringing his real-world experience to our courses, and encouraging open discussion on the reality of the field, as compared to the common public perception of the job, and the details it entails.

He is an avid hiker, homebrewer, and cook, living outside of Burlington with his wife and their Doberman, Peanut. 


"Learning is best done by doing; if what you're doing is based in theory and hypothesis instead of reality and casework, what are you actually learning?"

Personal Interests

Cooking and hiking

Areas of Expertise

Fingerprint Examination and Comparison, Crime Scene Analysis, Motor Vehicle Crash Reconstruction