Susan Merrick
Affiliated with Champlain College Online

I received my B.A. from Middlebury College in 1983 as an English major and Education minor.  I worked as an editor in Philadelphia and New York City for a number of years before returning to the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury to receive my M.A. in English in 1990.  This experience was life-changing for me since I was surrounded by some of the finest professors and educators my own journey through education has ever offered me.

I taught middle school and high school English for a number of years (and truly loved it) in both New Jersey and Vermont until my children were born (I have two adolescent daughters).  At that point I applied for and received a position at Champlain College; the college was looking at the transition time from high school to college and how to allow students to meet with the greatest success in that transition.  That interested me greatly.  I loved teaching on campus, and I also had a fascination with the online program that was just starting and growing rapidly.  I received training in how to teach online about 16 years ago and eventually made the transition to full online teaching when my younger daughter was born.  I've never looked back.   My additional professional work is as the Mentoring Coordinator for a new program in the South Burlington School District: SB Mentoring, a partnership between Howard Center and the SBSD.   Five years ago I founded and now co-chair a not-for-profit organization entitled "PACT" — Parents and Adults Celebrating Children and Teens (  The formation of this group was inspired by the courage of our South Burlington teenagers in leading us in discussion about challenges they face daily.   I live in South Burlington with my husband of 28 years, Ben, and our two adolescent daughters.

Professional Experience

In addition to teaching at Champlain College, I run a school-based mentoring program in the South Burlington School District entitled SB Mentoring, which is a partnership between Howard Center and the SBSD.

Volunteer Activities

Founder and Co-Chair of PACT (Parents and Adults Celebrating Children and Teens).


"As an English teacher at Champlain College, I am inspired daily by my students' hard work to become stronger and clearer writers.  I am honored to be part of that process, and I often see myself as a learner in my own classroom as my CPS students teach me about respect, generosity, hard work, and balance."