Michael Miceli
Affiliated with Champlain College Online, Online Master of Business Administration

Michael Miceli is, and has been since 2004, an adjunct professor in the School of Business and CPS Divisions at Champlain College's Graduate and Undergraduate programs.  He is also a part-time professor at Northeastern University's College of Business Administration in the Graduate and Undergraduate programs, and has been a guest lecturer for a wide variety of professional associations and other colleges.  His experience includes course development as well as delivery for both on campus and online teaching.  In addition, he has the privilege of being continually highly rated - top 5% of all professors at Northeastern and the 2012 Francine Page Excellence in Teaching Award at Champlain.

He has held executive level corporate consulting, general management, chief operating, strategic planning, business development and marketing management positions in such companies as Raytheon, General Electric, Chemfab, UniDynamics, Crane Company, and Severn Trent.  The last position he held was as Group Executive & General Manager for a Fortune 500 company.

Michael is the principal of the Miceli Consulting Group and is a leading corporate development, reengineering and management consultant.  He is well-known for assisting clients to envision and implement change in both strategy and performance - assisting them to 'plan, grow, structure, transform and achieve'.

Michael earned an MBA in Finance, Management and Marketing from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a bachelor's degree in Mechanical/Textile Engineering from UMass-Lowell.  He also continues to serve on the board of directors for several corporations and nonprofit organizations, and is actively involved in collegiate scholarship - practice tools directed toward the creation, revision and application of business knowledge.

He currently lives in Nashua, NH, is a certified alpine ski instructor, and loves to fly, hike and mountain bike.

Professional Experience & Areas of Expertise

Professional Experience

  • 20 years corporate management experience
  • 22 years executive consulting & coaching
  • For profit and non-profit boards of directors

Areas of Expertise

  • Management, Marketing, Accounting
  • Relating intellectual contributions in scholarship to practice
  • Collegiate scholarship - practice tools directed toward the creation, revision and application of business knowledge


2012 Francine Page Excellence in Teaching Award


  "My courses embody an interactive, application focused, reflective Teaching Philosophy"