John St. Hilaire
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My name is John St.Hilaire and I have been an adjunct professor at Champlain College since 2010. In real life, I work for Vermont Gas Systems, Inc, the local natural gas distribution company in VT. My current position is Manager of Gas Supply and Gas Control, so I tell people I ensure natural gas always shows up to their house and at an affordable price. I actually manage our largest expense, which equates to about $0.74 of every $1 we take in as revenue. Managing this large of an expense, I work closely with our accounting department and auditors ensuring the expense is recorded and accounted properly.

About 18 years ago, I volunteered on the board of a local $20 million credit union. My time on the board allowed me to gain experience in another business environment, working with state examiners and auditors, financial planning, crisis management, and taking a leadership role. I recently completed a four year stint as chairman where I was responsible for reviewing the monthly financials, strategic planning, and restructuring the organization.

My wife and I have been married for eight years, though we have known each other for much longer. We live in the Burlington VT area and are avid golfers, skiers, and generally love the outdoors.

My educational background is varied as I have always enjoyed learning and continue to do so today. I bring a host of classroom experience from my years as a student and try to integrate the student perspective when setting up my courses.

Professional Experience

18 years of experience working on the board of a $20 million credit union, with four years as chairman. 22 years of experience working for the natural gas industry, responsible for the planning and management of a $100 million budget.

Volunteer Activities
  • South Burlington Rotary Club
  • Green Mountain Credit Union Board