Aaron Videtto
Affiliated with Champlain College Online, Online Business Management Programs, Online Computer & Information Systems Programs

Aaron Videtto has been an adjunct professor for Champlain College since 2005 creating and delivering courses mainly in the computer sciences majors. His most recent professional engagement is at TyMetrix where he joined in January of 2012 with over six years of product management experience, including experience in fairly large software firms in San Jose, CA such as Citrix Systems, Inc. In his current role within TyMetrix, Aaron is working on delivering our new User Interface for a 1200 page SaaS solution, and delivering a mobile application for Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices.

At TyMetrix Aaron has been responsible for creating and running a client sponsor user group, a group of current clients that provides TyMetrix valuable feedback on our mobile and User Interface projects every few weeks. In his previous work experience, Aaron was the recipient of the Design Hero Award while a member of the Citrix Systems Product Management Team. Aaron earned his MBA in 2009 from Santa Clara University and currently lives in north western Connecticut with his wife.

Volunteer Activities

Lions Club

Areas of Expertise
  • Product Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Mobile technologies
  • Application delivery
  • SaaS Solution delivery

Recent Works

TyMetrix 360 Mobile App for Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry