Alexandra Robin Collins
Robin Collins
Affiliated with Applied Sustainability, School of Social Innovation, Division of Information Technology & Science, Environmental Policy, Science

Robin Collins started teaching at Champlain in the spring of 2012. She teaches both Nutrition and Environmental Issues. She has also taught introductory biology at UVM and the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. Robin received her undergraduate degree from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia in Biology. She then went on to receive a Master's in Forestry from the University of Florida and her Ph.D from UVM in Plant Biology. Robin spent two years overseas in Switzerland doing a postdoc at the University of Fribourg.

In her free time, Robin loves to spend time with her family, sing, read, swim, speak french and take in the natural beauty of Vermont.

Favorite tree: Betula papyrifera (Paper birch)

Most rewarding part of teaching: When students "get it"

Favorite thing about living in VT: The seasons