Ann DeMarle
Affiliated with Division of Communication and Creative Media, Master of Fine Arts in Emergent Media, Master of Science in Emergent Media

Ann DeMarle is an Associate Dean at Champlain College directing its Emergent Media Center (EMC), and its MakerLab. She was the founding director of the Masters in Emergent Media and currently serves on their faculty. In 2006, she became the first Roger H. Perry Chair after designing and directing the college's most popular degrees: the trio of Game degrees in design, art, and programming, and the interdisciplinary Multimedia and Graphic Design. In 2002 she founded the Governor's Institute of Vermont in Information Technology program for high schoolers. A 2006 Apple Distinguished Educator, she also has received the IBM Faculty Awards in 2008/2011, the college's inaugural DARE Award in 2014, and holds the IEEE Computer Society's Golden Core.  

Her EMC portfolio includes such far-reaching partnerships as: Eden—a virtual reality experience utilizing scent, Stern Center's Building Blocks for Literacy online course, Make A Change—a video game addressing harassment on campuses, the Ford Foundation game on rural economic equity, the United Nation's game to end violence against women, the UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development wealth creation mobile game prototype, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Cystic Fibrosis games, the Massachusetts General's CIMIT Emergency Response simulation, the Flynn Theater's Duke Foundation innovation grant, the NEH grant with Vermont, the America's Army game levels, and an IBM virtual worlds project. 

Much of Professor DeMarle's work has involved the integration of education, arts, and technology. She has founded highly successful interdisciplinary and experiential programs that promote life-long education. Key to each program is the understanding that students are entering into a complex world wherein creativity, collaboration and critical thinking hold the keys to solving our critical cultural and environmental challenges. She has a profound belief in the power of youth to solve the world's most wicked social problems through collaboration, mentorship and iterative design principles.

The project dearest to her heart is BREAKAWAY, an episodic global game to end violent behavior against women and girls under the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's UNiTE campaign banner, sponsored by the United Nations' Population Fund. Senator Patrick Leahy is a supporter of the project and has spoken and written on its behalf. Currently being developed for mobile, a full account of the project and the associated awards, programs, and research can be found at

DeMarle also hikes, skis, kayaks, gardens, bicycles and breeds Springer Spaniels! You can find her puppies at

Her digital art, paintings, and reflections on life can be found at

Work with the Emergent Media Center

Ann DeMarle founded and directs Champlain College's Emergent Media Center and the Masters of Fine Arts in Emergent Media (EMC). Founder of the Game Development and the Multimedia undergraduate degrees, she launched the EMC upon the receipt of the Roger H. Perry Endowed Chair, supporting innovation, change and entrepreneurship. Key to the EMC's mission is an approach that brings the media and technology expertise of Champlain students together with businesses and non-profits looking to explore and create new solutions. Through partnerships, the Center has been exploring the impact of communication technologies and emergent media on learning, communication and decision-making. Champlain students have been hosting summits, building games and interactive media, and participating in international conferences.

You can learn more about the Emergent Media Center here (

DeMarle is a top faculty grant recipient at Champlain College and the EMC has been created through her extensive grant and research awards and fundraising efforts. Partnering with corporations, non-profits and other academic institutions, her portfolio at the EMC includes: Ford Foundation on a wealth creation game, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Games for Health grant, partnership with the Vermont State Archeologist on an NEH grant, Massachusetts General's Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology Emergency Response training simulation, student partnership project with America's Army, an ongoing Google earth project with the City of Burlington, and an IBM project in virtual worlds.

DeMarle has also worked with Vermont Governor Jim Douglas's office and specifically its Economic Development Office, as well as with Vermont Congressman Peter Welch. A reflective account of the Emergent Media Center can be found at DeMarle and her staff also maintain a blog about the United Nations' project at

Educational Leadership

Professor DeMarle has received Champlain's inaugural Roger H. Perry Endowed Chair and DARE award, two IBM Faculty Awards and is an Apple Distinguished Educator. She has served three terms as an IEEE Computer Society Board of Governor, and is currently serving her second term as a trustee for Images and Voices of Hope, as well as her first term for the Stern Center for Language and Learning. She is also on the Steering team of the Vermont Creative Network after serving on the Vermont Arts Council. 

DeMarle is a frequent speaker and writer on technology's impact on society, emergent media, and the future of education and learning. Her most recent publications have been on virtual reality as well as on successful means to create video games to address violence against women and girls. Her presentations can be found on SlideShare at


"What I care passionately about is educating for the future; not education for education's sake but to enable youth to craft their personal lives and our collective future. I am compelled to help others find their personal path."