Kelly Faughnan
Kelly Faughnan
Affiliated with Psychology

Kelly Faughnan's teaching career started as a wilderness instructor for Outward Bound in the Sierra Nevada of California, where she gained her passion for experience-based and student-centered education. She believes strongly that the students who learn the most are those who engage both their rational and emotional systems and that learning occurs through experiencing, feeling, and reflecting.

Prior to joining Champlain, Kelly has also taught at such diverse places as the University of Massachusetts Honors College, Westfield State College, and Holyoke Community College. She also worked over a decade in government-based jobs in leadership training, community-based education, and youth community involvement, both in the U.S. and in Scotland.

In her free time she enjoys climbing, mountaineering, hiking, and playing with her Loki and Freja (see below). Her impressive feats include climbing Denali in Alaska and participating in the first American expedition to the Borkoldoy mountain range on the border between Kyrgyzstan and China. You may meet Kelly in your Learning Exposed: Psychology course.