Peter Gallo
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About Peter Gallo

Peter Gallo is an artist and writer who lives and works in Hyde Park, Vermont. He received his PhD and MA in Art History from Concordia University in Montreal, and has written about the intersection of biopolitics, medicalization, and artistic experience from the eighteenth to early twenty-first centuries.

Gallo was active in the Grass Roots Art and Community Efforts (GRACE) in Hardwick, VT. He has organized numerous exhibitions exploring the connections between Modernist and contemporary and "outsider" art ("Insider Art," 1990, and "Our Yard in the Future: The Art of Gayleen Aiken", 2007). He has contributed essays and art criticism to Art in America and Art New England. He is represented by Anthony Reynolds Gallery in London and his works have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in the United States and Europe, and are included in notable collections of contemporary art.

Gallo draws from a wide variety of sources—art historical, political, and literary—and often incorporates poetic, philosophical, and found texts in his mixed-media paintings. He utilizes simple formal structures which emphasize the materiality of painting, and his works alternate between or combine both abstract and figurative elements. His paintings often incorporate unconventional materials, including buttons, toothpicks, newspaper clippings, found photographs, string, typed texts, dental floss, and chicken bones. His "improvisatory" style has been compared to that of Ree Morton, Joy Division, and Forrest Bess. Critic Jonathon Goodman (Brooklyn Rail) writes that in current art trends, this kind of "ad hoc creativity often serves to mask poor skills, but in Gallo's case, the rawness is a genuine part of his aesthetic, whose ungainliness keeps us thinking."


Please see this piece with Anthony Reynolds of Anthony Reynolds Gallery: