Narine Hall
Affiliated with App Development, Computer Science and Innovation, Data Analytics, Division of Information Technology & Science

Narine Hall is an Assistant Professor and Program Director in Data Science at Champlain College, where she has been a faculty member since 2015. Hall holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Complex Systems from the University of Vermont. Hall teaches multiple undergraduate courses in data science and has developed six new courses over the past three years. 

Dr. Hall's research interests lie in the areas that include multidimensional analysis using self-organizing maps (a form of neural network), data mining, tunably rugged evolutionary landscapes, machine learning, cloud computing, and computational complexity. She is the co-founder and CTO of high-tech startup BlinkSecure Inc. and previously worked at Wolfram Research, IBM Watson, and Lycos Europe. She founded Google Development Group (GDG) Cloud Burlington, is an active member of VT Women in Machine Learning and Data Science, and is a member of Women Techmakers. Currently, she advises local startups in data science and artificial intelligence strategy and implementation. 

Hall is an enthusiastic advocate for local farms, sustainable agriculture, and general education around food sourcing and the farm-to-table movement. She enjoys running races with her kids, CrossFit, and competing at the Dragon Boat Festival with Champlain's team.