Kenneth Henrie
Kenneth Henrie
Affiliated with Robert P. Stiller School of Business

Dr. Henrie has been teaching full-time since 2006 in Marketing, Management and Personal Finance. He has developed courses in sales and branding at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In his classes, students have been able to work with organizations such as the Southwest Research Institute, Spurs Sports & Entertainment and The March of Dimes.

He holds a Doctorate of Business Administration in Marketing from Argosy University, Twin Cities, and an MBA and BBA from New Mexico State University. Prior to arriving at Champlain, he taught for three and a half years in the United Kingdom, where he became a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Before his career in academia, he worked in various sales positions, selling nearly everything from vacuum cleaners door-to-door to financial and insurance services. In addition, Dr. Henrie has consulted several small companies in areas of promotion, branding and sales.

He has published several articles in the areas of persuasion, pedagogy and sports sociology. He authored several book chapters in sport sociology as well.

Dr. Henrie lives in South Burlington with his wife Natasha and young sons, Augustus and Felix. He hopes to get a full night's sleep again someday.

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