Genevieve Henry
Genevieve Henry
Affiliated with Division of Communication and Creative Media

Genevieve Henry is from Quebec City and has been living in Vermont for 12 years. She has a Bachelor of Education from Laval University and a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University.

After completing her second degree, Henry taught Spanish and English as a second language in the Quebec region to French-speaking students from kindergarten through high school, as well as at an adult school program. She is in her fifth year of teaching French at Champlain College. Henry recently attended training with ACFL in Boston and IFTL in Florida, and says she is always excited to try new methods to make language acquisition easier and more exciting for her students. She uses a CI and TPR approach, which accelerates the assimilation of information and skills and helps minimise the use of the native language within the classroom.

Apart from her role at Champlain, Henry has a massage practice and volunteers at the Family Room, where she offers free chair massages to new parents. She also owns a childbirth education services company called Birth Journeys. She has a brown belt in Kempo Jujitsu and volunteers with The Safety Team.


"It is possible that compelling input is not just optimal: It may be the only way we truly acquire language."