Miriam Horne
Affiliated with Division - Core

Dr. Horne is passionate about teaching and teaches a variety of courses in the Core Division including Rhetoric, Scientific Revolutions, Heroines and Heroes, Human Rights and a senior Capstone in Criminal Justice.

One of her favorite courses was a Human Rights course with an international service learning component. She taught this course multiple times spending spring break with the class in Nicaragua working on biogas systems, coffee plantations, and women's rights issues.

One of the things that she loves about teaching such a diverse array of courses is that she is always learning and subject matter is always new and fresh. She enjoys the on-going challenge of making learning meaningful to her students. In addition to her teaching, Dr. Horne has a strong research background in Communities of Practice and the ways that writing contributes to community membership.

Her work can be seen in diverse places including English Quarterly. She is also the co-editor and a contributor to Writing in Knowledge Societies published by WAC Clearinghouse, and is the author of Writing in a Community of Practice: Composing Membership in Inkshed. She also presents at and participates in national and international conferences and communities including NCTE, CASLL, CASDW.

An Object of Affection

Whether it's used for celebration or comfort, frustration or fun, like language, chocolate can be adapted for any situation. And just like the world can't function without language, I can't function without chocolate! With its power to celebrate and soothe, delight and fulfill, it is perfectly adaptable and represents the balance I strive for.


"I love the energy of a classroom when everyone is writing-heads down, focused, thinking through the shaping of words."