Yogesh Khatri
Yogesh Khatri
Affiliated with Computer & Digital Forensics, Division of Information Technology & Science

Yogesh Khatri is an Assistant Professor teaching Computer & Digital Forensics at Champlain College. After a successful career in the digital forensics field working with industry leaders such as Guidance Software and consulting for Fortune100s, Khatri joined Champlain college in 2014 to train the next generation of 'forensicators' (forensics-practitioners).

Khatri brings with him a decade of experience from the field working in the US and abroad as an incident handler, malware analyst and computer forensic examiner. Khatri's interests lie in the areas of operating system artifacts, file system artifacts, memory forensics and automation of forensic processes. He maintains a blog at www.swiftforensics.com where he talks about his research and shares code for parsing various forensic artifacts.

Khatri is a also fellow at the LCDI where he lends his skills for ongoing case work and research. Papers Published: Forensic implications of System Resource Usage Monitor (SRUM) data in Windows 8 - January 2015 - Journal of Digital Investigation (Elsevier)