Christopher Mendenhall
Affiliated with Animation, Division of Communication and Creative Media, Game Art

Chris began his teaching career in 2004 while working at Redcliff Ascent, a wilderness therapy program in southern Utah. He continued working with at-risk youth, refugees, and students with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in various programs around the country up through 2017. Chris currently focuses solely on instructing and guiding the students of Champlain College.

Chris is a Champlain College alumnus and teaches first year students 2-D and 3-D art in the Game Art program. His combined experience of graduating from the Game Art program, guiding youth through stressful scenarios for over a decade, and preparing students for a life of independence makes him uniquely qualified for instructing. Chris is a firm believer in, and motivator of, self-care. It is only with appropriate physical and mental health that a student can effectively seek their full potential. 

Recent Work

Chris is currently working on a unique set of accessible tutorials and visuals designed for a variety of learning preferences. Utilizing both digital media and print, Chris hopes to further enhance the learning of students at Champlain College.


Champlain College is at the forefront of digital art creation for video games. Our diverse graduates are spread throughout the industry and continue to push the medium forward in exciting and innovative ways.