John Meyer
John Meyer
Affiliated with Psychology

For Dr. John Myer, psychology is life-long learning! He's particularly passionate about consciousness and unconsciousness (critical and creative thinking) as encapsulated by current debates in psychotherapy, neuroscience, and counseling.

Getting his students to integrate psychology into their personal and professional lives and getting them to teach others how to become more conscious of their lives are his favorite teaching moments. Many of his courses include a service learning component to help students understand which psychological theories informs their personal experience and reflection. He feels students who ask critical questions are the ones who do the best in his classes.

Before Champlain he has years of experience teaching at McGill University, Boston University, and Norwich University. He's also worked as a counselor educator within the Massachusetts Prison Service, various Employee Assistance Programs and is a member of the National Crisis Care Network. He runs a private counseling and consulting practice, Shelburne Counseling Services, with a focus on children and families in transition and adult adjustment issues related to work, family, and life changes.

Dr. Myer lived in Gambia West Africa for two years working with local peanut farmers, and is currently working to develop an active international service-learning project between community mental health and education programs in Vermont and The Gambia. Over the years he has run marathons and currently jogs, bikes and gardens for physical activities. You may meet him in an Introduction to Applied Psychology class!