david mills
David Mills
Affiliated with Division - Core

An Object of Affection

My grandfather was an amateur rockhound. His collection included the geode I'm holding here. I can remember being amazed, as a kid, that the boring-looking rocks and minerals lying on the bench in his workshop could be transformed into the colorful and interesting specimens displayed on the shelves. That possibility for transformation is why I find this geode an apt image for my passions, some of which I no doubt inherited from my grandfather. His curiosity, patience, attention, and effort revealed a fascinating beauty hidden within apparently dull and ordinary-looking rocks. I love moments of revelatory transformation, whether in the classroom, in my creation and enjoyment of art, or in my volunteer work as a community organizer in impoverished neighborhoods. In these pursuits, a rockhound's curiosity, attentiveness, patience, and effort yield rewards that outshine the crystals of this geode.