Auston Montville
Affiliated with Division of Communication and Creative Media, Game Design

Auston Montville has been a part of the game industry since he graduated from Champlain College in 2010. He has honed his skills working as a designer, programmer, and sole contributor on various game projects. He has worked at early startups, as part of 30+ person teams, and has even shipped titles independently. Some of his credits include BOSSES FOREVER 2.BRO, Sportsball, and Rapture Rejects.

Auston is contributing to the college as an adjunct faculty member with nearly a decade of experience working on games in a professional capacity. Having graduated from Champlain College, he provides a holistic perspective to students of game development in regard to how they can prepare their college work for the professional industry.

Professional Work and Activities
  • Currently a Senior Software Engineer at Galvanic Games
  • Has volunteered at the Game Developers Conference