Kristin Novotny
Kristin Novotny
Affiliated with Digital Humanities, Division - Core

Dr. Kristin Novotny is Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Assistant Dean for Curriculum in the Core Division. Throughout her career, she has focused on creating the necessary conditions for inclusive learning, democratic dialogue, and decision-making. Dr. Novotny earned her Ph.D. in Political Science, specializing in political theory, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She then earned tenure at and was Chair of the Political Science Department at Saint Michael's College.

Since joining Champlain College in 2012 she has specialized in interdisciplinary, project-based, and experiential learning, as well as Digital Humanities. Dr. Novotny has a Masters in mediation and is also a professional facilitator and restorative practitioner. She is a freelance consultant in the areas of conflict resolution, organizational relations, strategic planning, equity/inclusion, and public dialogue, and has worked in the nonprofit community justice sector.

Areas of Expertise
  • Higher Education: interdisciplinary liberal arts education; experiential, project-based, place-based, and collaborative learning; political theory and philosophy; Digital Humanities; dialogue and deliberation; diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Conflict Resolution and Facilitation: mediation and conflict management; restorative justice; Appreciative Inquiry; group facilitation

"The Core Division teaches students to make connections between ideas, to think and express themselves cogently.  What could be more important to a successful career?"