Dr. Laurie Quinn
Laurie Quinn
Affiliated with Division - Core

Laurie Quinn is on Sabbatical 2020-2021

Dr. Laurie Quinn is a Professor in the Core division at Champlain. She earned her PhD in English Literature at the University of New Hampshire. She holds a BA in English and Psychology with a minor in Women's Studies and an MA in English, both from Boston College. Her academic interests include issues of social class diversity and inclusion, both in literary studies and in higher education; higher education innovation, including online education and curricula that connect theory to practice; cultural and feminist studies; British literature; and poetry.  Dr. Quinn's favorite courses to teach are in writing and literature, and she is passionate about introducing students to poetry, critical frameworks, and the power of being able to uncover new meaning and to express what we mean in our own voices. Dr. Quinn served for five years as Provost and Senior Vice President for Academics at Champlain College, and led the College as Interim President from 2019-2020. Before her arrival at Champlain in 2014, she worked in higher education leadership in New Hampshire and held professional roles in public humanities programming and as a grants officer. Her career in higher education reflects her commitment to advancing the transformations that college makes possible.