Corey Richardson
Corey Richardson
Affiliated with Champlain College Online

Corey began her career in social work with at-risk youth in alternative school settings. In 2011 she completed her MSW at the University of Vermont. Following six months of travel in South America Corey returned to her home in Vermont and founded a non-profit organization dedicated to the disruption of bullying behavior in youth and adulthood and the facilitation of pro-social approaches. She later worked directly in a public school in Vermont helping to implement Restorative Justice practices, followed by two years working in a college support program serving college students with diverse learning needs. Corey has been teaching social work part-time for five years, alongside these other employments, but currently teaches a full-time course load between Champlain and UVM.

Outside of teaching Corey also performs stand-up comedy and enjoys meditation, dance, flower arranging, and the beautiful Vermont outdoors.


"I believe that critical reflection is one of the most valuable life skills one could possess - it is fundamental to both my teaching and my life."