Eric Ronis
Eric Ronis
Affiliated with Communication, Creative Media

Eric Ronis is the Assistant Dean in the Division of Communication & Creative Media. He holds a BA in English Literature from Harvard University and an MFA in Theatre from Boston University School for the Arts. He is currently (June 2013) finishing up his PhD in Interdisciplinary Humanities at Concordia University in Montreal. His field of research is street protest and the authenticity of live performance.

Eric teaches a variety of classes in Human Communication and Creative Media at Champlain College. These include: Public Speaking; Small Group Communication; Performance, Protest & Terror; Making Art; and the Senior Capstone for the CREM.BFA program.

At Champlain College, Eric also directs the campus improv comedy troupe, Los Dormant Volcanos. He himself is a graduate of Second City, Chicago.

Eric received recognition from the Princeton Review as one of the Best 300 Professors in the United States.

Professional Associations
  • National Communication Association (NCA)
  • Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA)

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