Chris Rottler
Affiliated with School of Social Innovation

Hello! I'm Chris. I currently teach a range of courses here at Champlain College, as well as at UVM and CCV. Courses I teach include Entrepreneurship, Finance, Internet Marketing, Business Law, Introduction to Business, Environmental Law, Environmental Policy, Sustainability and Service Learning.

I have a law degree from Catholic University in Washington, DC, and a B.A. in Philosophy from UVM. I grew up in Burlington, where I attended Edmunds Elementary (right near Skiff Hall) and Middle Schools, as well as BHS.

After law school, I worked for Texas A&M as a policy analyst. The collegiate system hosted an environmental institute, which worked on applied approaches to agricultural-environmental issues (e.g. cow manure affecting water quality). Our clients included the US EPA, the USDA, the State of Texas, private forestry clients, and others. From Texas, I moved to Colorado, where I practiced law in a medium-sized general practice commercial law firm. My practice included litigation, real estate, land use, zoning, UCC, bankruptcy, corporate formation, and other general commercial issues. I even did a little family law work, including helping with adoptions!

I moved back to VT in 2002, where I practiced law for a year, before moving on to a community-development non-profit. There, I helped entrepreneurs start and grow businesses by providing advice and small business loans. In the process I read hundreds of business plans, and learned quite a bit about the practical side of starting and growing a business. By seeing what worked and did not work, the insight and wisdom I gained in this position was invaluable.

In 2009, I started teaching and doing consulting work, and also pursued some of my own entrepreneurial endeavors. Currently, I am the Program Manager/Director at Tethys Environmental, Inc., promoting an environmental certification initiative called BLUE(r). I also assist my wife with her music performance activities, helping her book gigs. When I am not working on these projects, I spend time with my wife and daughter, and help my elderly parents."

Favorite tree: Red Maple

Most rewarding part of teaching: connecting with students and watching them learn new material

Favorite thing about living in VT: I grew up here, left, and came back. In all my travels, only VT truly feels like 'home' to me