Rebecca Schwarz
Rebecca Schwarz
Affiliated with Creative Media, Division of Communication and Creative Media, Graphic Design & Visual Communication

Rebecca Schwarz is a community engaged artist working to foster creativity across ages and abilities. Patterns in nature and goals of increasing health on many scales inspire her work in a range of modes, including sculpture, collaborations, and communication. Schwarz runs Art from the Heart, a program of Burlington City Arts in collaboration with UVM Medical Center helping to make the hospital a more creative place.

  • "Effects of Art Intervention on Pediatric Anxiety" Poster at the American Public Health Association annual meeting.
  • "Feverish World 2018-2068: Arts and Sciences of Collective Survival" symposium. Community liaison and press contact.
  • Running an art and health program, Art from the Heart, for Burlington City Arts in the regional hospital, UVM Medical Center. Supporting well over 7,000 art interventions a year.