Peter Straube
Peter Straube
Affiliated with Communication

Peter Straube is the Strategic Events Producer for the College. In that role, Peter leads the process of creating engaging events that support the Champlain 2020 Strategic Plan by highlighting unique initiatives and expertise among our faculty, academic programs and other departments at the College. He is responsible for developing new event concepts and building cross-campus event planning teams, as well as exploring potential partnerships with external organizations, sponsors, and media. Prior to this, Peter was the creator and Program Director of two bachelor's degree programs, Event Management and Hote, /Restaurant Management. He has designed 15 campus-based courses and authored a complete online course curriculum for an associate's degree major in Hotel/Restaurant Management. He was also a member of the development team for the Integrated Business Experience (IBE) core business curriculum for the Stiller School of Business.

Before he began teaching at Champlain, Peter worked in the restaurant industry for over 17 years, including nine years in management positions spanning quick-casual restaurants, fine dining and resort management. An honors graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Peter earned a bachelor's degree in Hotel/Hospitality Management from Johnson State College and a master's degree in Administration and Management from St. Michael's College, graduating summa cum laude. His master's thesis focused on The Dynamics of Guest Loyalty, a subject that is still of particular interest to him. He also has extensive experience in event planning and coordination and is a Certified Meeting Professional, the foremost professional recognition of the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry.

During his time at Champlain College, his leadership roles have included President of the Faculty Senate, Chair of the NEASC Institutional Self-Study Committee, member of the College Strategic Planning Committee, member of the College Core Curriculum Steering Committee, Chair of the Curriculum Committee and a member of site inspection teams for our Dubai and Mumbai campuses.

When he has time for other pursuits, Peter especially enjoys hiking, kayaking, windsurfing, snowboarding, basketball, playing his guitars, cooking, brewing beer, and experimenting with food & wine flavor combinations. Being an experience-collector, Peter has gone on a tiger safari in India, fished for piranha in Brazil, hiked into remote mountain villages in Morocco, ridden the sand dunes of Dubai, prowled the night markets of Hong Kong, snorkeled the shores of several Caribbean islands and roamed a number of European countries.


Certified Meeting Professional (CMP), the foremost professional recognition of the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry.