Evan Tetreault
Affiliated with Game Design
Personal Bio

Hailing from the lush, tangled jungles of Montpelier, Vermont, Evan has honed his senses to become a powerful entertainment machine; a gift that admittedly had minimal uses when hunting tigers, usually being limited to ensuring victories in Smash Bros. As an esteemed adjunct professor in the Game Design Major, Evan enjoys the thrill of crafting complex narratives, colorful characters, and the occasional volley of witty jokes almost as much as he does the hunt. The privilege of passing on these skills and more to rising professionals is an exciting prospect indeed.

Besides games, Evan also loves to create art, both digital and hand drawn. He draws comics in his free time and is working on a web graphic novel. He also enjoys interpretive literature writing, music of all genres (with a penchant for collecting electronic music), and reading the kinds of books that involve epic journeys, fantastic settings, and those little world maps on the inside covers. Life is too short to waste without an imagination, so he loves to surround himself with things that foster it.

In 2014, he graduated summa cum laude from Champlain College with a BS in Game Design. Afterwards, he co-founded an independent studio in Burlington, VT: Seven Layer Studios LLC, where he continues to work and make games on iOS with a few of his fellow 2014 alums. He enjoys getting caught in the rain and long walks on the beach. Sometimes both at the same time.