Brenton Woodrow
Affiliated with Division of Communication and Creative Media
About Brenton Woodrow

Brenton Woodrow has over 10 years of experience working in the game industry, working on titles such as Real Heroes: Firefighter (Wii), Dungeons & Dragons Online, Destiny, and Destiny 2. He has experience working as a Producer, QA Tester, and Senior Designer, and has worked on both AAA and independent games. He has also worked as a Scrum Master in the Aerospace Industry.

Brenton is currently working at Bungie as a Senior Systems Designer on Destiny 2.

In his spare time, Brenton volunteers as a youth rugby coach.


When creating games, we're creating worlds governed by rule-sets of their own. These worlds and rules can inspire friendships, creativity, empathy, and joy. We have a responsibility, as creators, to use this medium to leave a positive mark on the world we live in.