Interdisciplinary Curriculum: Global Themes

The Core Curriculum in Year Three

Because international study is transformative and provides lifelong insight into the world in which we live, third-year students will take two courses in common (COR 310 and COR 320), and will also take two courses in our Local Contexts, Global Connections sequence (COR 330). COR 310 and 320 MUST be taken together and the two COR 330 courses MUST be taken together. Either pair may be taken in either semester.

Students who choose to spend a semester at a Champlain Abroad campus take two place-based cultural courses in addition to COR 310 and COR 320. Students who choose to study abroad through a third-party program choose from a pre-approved list of institutions that have place-based cultural courses that will substitute for the two-course sequence. They also take COR 310 and COR 320.

Each 300-level Core course varies from semester to semester, offering an array of options that take a "deep dive" into various regions of the world, giving students the opportunity to choose topics of interest to them.

Check out our COR 330: Local Contexts, Global Connections course options.