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Marketing is both an art and a science. It's the business discipline that connects ideas to the people who find value in them. If you thrive on change, media creation, and communicating with people, Marketing may be the ideal path for you.

Why Major in Marketing at Champlain College?

We believe hands-on learning is the best way to prepare you for your future career. 

You'll start taking marketing courses in your first semester—in fact, you'll hold industry-standard certifications before your sophomore year. It is this early learning that makes our Marketing students highly sought interns; employers know you'll hit the ground running. 

You'll be working with real clients each year and interning with innovative Vermont businesses like Ben & Jerry's, Burton Snowboards, NewBreed Marketing, and many more. By the time you graduate, your résumé will be full of professional experiences that will make you stand out from the job applicant crowd.

Work in the Global Marketplace

Champlain's Marketing curriculum is designed to encourage a semester studying abroad. You'll even have opportunities to take internships in other countries, fully immersing yourself in the local culture by experiencing the workplace. 

Through an exclusive grant from the Freeman Foundation, our Marketing students have a chance to complete a summer internship in Asia at very little personal cost. The two primary destinations for students are Shanghai, China, and Kyoto, Japan, though you'll find additional opportunities in various other cities and countries.